Spring Start-Ups

Irrigation Spring Start-UpWhen spring arrives, all the lawn & garden areas will have to be watered to give them a strong start to grow well and become healthy. Impact Irrigation Solutions provides high quality spring start-ups. It’s important to note that if you attempt to start the system before the last frost, the sprinkler installation is still at risk of getting damaged. Ideally, this system should be started up only after the last frost.

High Quality Services

Whether the sprinklers on your property water large landscaped spaces or very small patches of turf, we are the company to come to, for this service. The vast experience we have in this field gives us the knowledge and expertise to handle every job to perfection, regardless of how big or small it is..

The Spring Start-Ups Process

Thought it may seem like spring start-ups are a simple task and all you have to do is start all the main valves to get the water into the connecting pipes, there is much more to the entire exercise.  The steps that are followed in this process are:

  • A visual inspection will be carried out on all the sprinkler heads.
  • The personnel will check for covered-up/broken heads.
  • These heads will be freed and height adjustments will be made.
  • We will ensure that the spray heads are in the right position.
  • All the valve boxes will be checked for debris and rodent nests.
  • Power connectivity to the controller will be checked.
  • The stations will be set for proper run times.
  • The main water source will be turned on slowly to fill up the entire system.
  • If there are manual drain valves, these will be left open- they will allow the air to escape even as the water starts filling the pipes.
  • Once the water starts coming out of the drain valves, the manual drain vales will be shut.
  • Each station will be switched on and will be checked for leaks during the spring start-ups.
  • The personnel will check whether the sprinkler heads are providing the required coverage to the entire area and that they are also closing properly.
  • The backup batteries will be replaced.
  • Rain sensors will be installed (if required).
  • Inform you of any issues or recommendations


As you can see, a spring start-up involves a number of steps and only experts will be able to detect if something is not working the way it should. For more information about our expert and customized services, call Impact Irrigation Solutions on 484-723-3600 or contact us via this online form.

Areas we serve: Delaware County, PA, Montgomery County, PA, Chester County, PA, New Castle County, DE, Philadelphia County, PA
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